About Us


Mani Mina (มานี มีนา)
Mani comes from first two alphabets of founders' nickname MI & NA.
Mina is the passion of living near the nature by having our own land and own rice field.
WE aRe FaMiLy

Mani Mina x Mani Bleu x By The Sea

Mani Mina has another neighborhood brands; Mani Bleu & By The Sea.

As the first Mani Bleu brand located at Siamsquare near Mani Mina 's flagship store, we named our latest brand related to the familly by using "Mani" word and the sound of Malibu to represent our natural design and indy basic style.

By The Sea actually came before Mani Bleu and was born in 2012. It firstly located in very near the beach of Huahin. Then we named our brand "By the Sea". The BTS cloth is really good to wear under the sunshine and flow by the breezy wind. 

WhEREe We are

Mani Mina was established in 2009 and re-branded in January 2015 by moving to our new flagship store in Siamsquare soi 2.

Now Mani Mina is at Isetan Department Store and The Selected, Multi-brands shop in Siam Center.

We have our DReAM
We absolutely desire to live along with the nature meanwhile running Mani Mina reflecting our individual lifestyle which fulfills our existence in being human.
We strongly believe Mani Mina is the path to reach our dream.
What we BELiEVE

As we make clothing with care, we trust our cloth can reflect well our values of living; simplicity, authenticity, nature and a little peace in mind.  

Way we dO
We closely pay attention to the details and combine them in the simple construction with a creative combination and local touch.